What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is the therapeutic application of yoga provided within a therapeutic relationship. The beauty of Yoga therapy is that we use the holistic yogic frameworks and understanding of health and disease. We address discomfort or suffering that may be manifesting and experienced in the mind, body, breath and/or through a disconnect of our spirit.

Many therapist address the mind or the body. Most do not address the spiritual side of ourselves or even the breath.

The yogic wisdom understands all is connected and we are multidimensional beings. Healing is an experienced as a reduction of suffering and increased sense of well-being. We look at healing, well-being and suffering from a phenomenological perspective based in science and thousands of years of teachings, insights and practice.

Suffering or know someone suffering in life? Use yoga to heal. What to live more of your potential or purpose? Use yoga to clarify and empower you on your path and follow your heart. ❤️

Yoga therapy is highly individualised practice and process. Assessment through the yogic frameworks of psychoemotional states, postural and breathing imbalances, energetic blockages etc are used to create a practice to direct your energy towards increased well-being and contentment.


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