The breath massages our heart, vagus nerve, internal organs and even the pelvic and core muscles.

Updated: Jul 24

The images created for our anatomy don’t really capture the incredible workings of our body-mind.

When we breath deeply the diaphragm muscle draws down and massages the organs including the lungs, heart and even Rhodes in the abdominal and pelvic areas. This massaging improves circulation, interoception, stimulates chemical messages, releases toxins and more.

Due to the continuous nature of the body, the diaphragm’s connective tissues hugs up around around the heart and down to the pelvic floor, which is more like a sling than a floor, supporting the internal organs.

Everything is connected structurally and chemically. This means when we breath deeply, the contraction and drawing down of the diaphragm gently pulls the heart down and massages it and the vagus nerve. This creates too a calming effect on our nervous system and stimulates the release of feel good chemicals such as oxytocin (hormone of love, connection and calmness) and endorphins (hormone of wellbeing and transcendence).

Our heart is known to be the seat of of our soul or mind in ancient wisdoms such as yoga and traditional Chinese medicine.

Breath deeply whenever you remember… it will soothe your soul, improve your core strength and all the systems functioning including your nervous system, your digestive and reproductive systems.

Have a beautiful day breathing.


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